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Untappd Integration

Hey there,

My team is working on a website project for a restaurant with multiple locations. They use Untappd for their beer menus. Since their beers are loaded into the Untappd system and kept up to date across various locations, through Untappd, they were wondering if it would be possible to pass Untappd info to their new Webflow site.

For Example:

  1. A beer is created in Untappd. The a new item is automatically created in a Collection List.
  2. A beer is marked as not available in Untapped. The Collection List item is switched to not active.

Has anyone connected Webflow to Untapped before in this way?

I see there is a Zapier integration but I dont see an “Action” for creating a new beer in Untappd that then triggers a new item created in Webflow

Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.