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Unresposive design

Hello all,

It might be the most simple problem ever but I just cant fix it…

I desesperatly try to make responsive that design but I guess I made poor choice at the beggining.

For desktop
I have a 75vw container divide in 2 equal part using 50% width (Home container gauche and droite). On container gauche I have a heading and a button. On the container droite I have a card.

for tablet:
I just realize that if I delete a container for tablet it ll be also delete for desktop… :frowning:

I want for lower screen size to got stacked verticaly at first the header, then the card and finaly the button but I cant get how to do it properly without deleting a container.

How can i do that?

here’s my read only

I guess in order to achieve exactly the same thing as you described you’d have to redesign it a little bit. You can for example go to the tablet view and change layout of the “home page container” for the vertical – change the % of each container to fit it properly, but with your current layout it will show in this order: header, button, card.

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There could be a workaround to this, but I am not sure whether it is worth it.