Unresponsive Site - PICNIC Error

Hi all, I have managed to make a mess of my sites responsiveness. I have obviously made a fundamental beginners error. I used the Velocity Template to start me off but since going it alone I have messed up the headings and the responsiveness. Help gratefully received.


Hey @Roxzfr

I cant really help you to much without really knowing how you want it to look at different devices :smile: if you could explain how you want them to look i would gladly make a few tutorial videos for you on how to fix your website.


Thank you Ahmad that would be great.

If you look at it in iPhone portrait you can see that you can’t see some of the elements so I can’t just re-align them. Support think I may have done something with the ‘body’ I have certainly done something to the headers. :disappointed: couldn’t find a symbol for idiot but feel like one!


Hey Roxzanne,

No need to feel like a idiot :smiley: my first webflow site was pretty bad to :smile:.

I am looking into your website will upload the tutorials as i fix issues :smile:


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