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Unorthodox design methods

Hey everyone,

I have spent some time designing this website, which is still on the works. But I would like some feedback since I’ve heard from some other designers that my methods are “unorthodox” and I’m afraid it might be true haha. Can you guys help me spot any orthodox methods of designing that I should do on my website? Can you spot any issues that might become worse with my website’s growth in the future? Any feedback is welcome! Thank you so much.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Toku Lab

You site looks great! Very creative and nicely done.

Did the designers tell you “why” they thought it was unorthodox?

The only thing I would say is at the smaller screen sizes it may be worth thinking about changing the “left hand side social icons” and the “left hand side scroll progress bar” so they are used horizontally somewhere else on the page. It looks good as it is, but moving these would give more space for your content at the smallest screen size. The social icons are at the bottom of the screen and so they would not be seen on a mobile device until the user had scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page - which means, from the end user experience point of view, they would just see a lot of unused space on the left hand side of the page for most of the time at the mobile screen size.

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Thank you so much, you pointed out something I wasn’t sure was important, but I do see it now. The social icons and the progress would be much better if they were positioned somewhere else on smaller screen sizes. Really appreciate your comment! I will work on that.

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They are just haters, I think its a charming site, its a bit too dark for the content and gradient on gradient with this color palette is usually frowned upon :smiley:

But I overall like it, font is great too.

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