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Uno Template image replacement not working on About Page

Hi. New to Webflow but have designed in Squarespace. I purchase the Uno template. On the About page (link shared below) there is a team member photo grid and I have tried to upload a photo that wont resize to fit the box no matter what I do. All the settings are correct but photo is overflowing even though it’s set to hide overflow. Watched all tutorials on images and can’t find an answer. Also there is an orange photo wrapper under the image which is not visible but you can see it if you grab the corner of the photo and drag it. Not sure if that is affecting the replacement image.

On another note I was looking at the Higher Selector for Body All Pages and there are strike throughs in pink in these settings. What do they mean? That you can’t change those settings?

Hello dear friend! Here’s the final result! What I recommend you to do is to avoid using imgs element and start using divs with background images. From there, you have a better control and can set the background img to cover and center it.

Feel free to DM me if you need further help

Thanks. I do realize that now but I bought the template specifically so I wouldn’t have to redo it. I don’t understand why UNO didn’t use a div block to make it easier for novices like me to use the template? Why did they use an image element when you can’t replace the image? That’s what’s frustrating.

You can’t replace the image? That’s rather odd

Anyway, I’m here to help. Feel free to dm me and I can help you with any further problem you might encounter.

Happy designs