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Unnecessary horizontal scroll


I have an unnecessary horizontal scroll and I can’t figure out what is the problem.
I tried everything, including overflow on the Body and trying to disable sections that might cause the problem but the problem still exists.

I would appreciate your help.


I’m not getting any horizontal scrolling. did you manage to fix it?

No, haven’t touched it.

Thats the thing, on some screens it shows the scroll and on some it doesn’t.

The divs with the class: container are 980px wide with a parent element (section) pushing it off the screen with 40px padding.

Consider using % or vw / vw so that the content is responsive to the browser size.

As a matter of fact vw’s is not a good idea when using them for content width. 100vw will produce horizontal scroll as vw’s don’t take window scrollbar into consideration when calculating screen width. % are the way to go.

Though I rarely use 100vw, I’ve actually never encountered that problem. Where did you encounter that problem?

You will always encounter this problem if you use 100vw and your content is already high enough to produce vertical scrollbar.