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Unlimited pages?

Hi there! I start to play with WF the last months and i am so happy that i found a software that you can do almost everything (i am an old Muse user). I would love to upgrade from starter plan but my only problem is the page limit. I don’t want to use the hosting plan, just the lite plan. The page limit is something that makes me think about it because i need more than 200 pages. Is there any chance to give us the option for unlimited pages? Thanks!

Think of using CMS items/collection templates instead of static pages, if the layout of those pages are similar.

Thanks for your suggestion! I have my own hosting so i was thinking just to export the project. Is it working if i split 1 project in 2 and combine the export codes?

Yes, you can do that too, although you won’t be able to internal link pages from the other project, and will have to use manual relative URLs in link fields like this: