Universal url for a product card form

There is a large catalog of products, more than a thousand pieces.

Each product card contains a request form for that particular product with its unique characteristics.

The task is to integrate this form with the company’s Zoho crm. So that these forms fall into the system as Leads. To do this, Zoho requires the url of the page where the form is located.

Question: how to make a universal url, but so that data on a specific card is entered into the system.

Creating web forms in Zoho for each product is a thousand threads.

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Basically, CMS pages, with the zoho form on them, and some hidden fields and/or automation to present the data the way you want.

If by this you’re saying that Zoho will only allow a single fixed URL as the form origin ( very unlikely, and doesn’t really make sense ), then you’d make it a two-step process. Customer would choose the product first, then be directed to the form page where the product data is auto-entered, and the rest is then completed by the user.