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Units not appearing in the Product Template

Hi everyone,

Right under the name of my product I need to show the weight of it. All bottles have 300ml but CMS is showing only the “300”. How can I show the number + unit?


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@rodrigo_leles you’ll have to add that ‘ml’ yourself using a text block. The numbers field can only display a number. So the ‘ml’ would be static and the number would be pulled dynamically from the CMS.


Ok got it. Thanks @sarahfrison!

So in case of having to show other units for other kinds of products from my DB (like g, kg, oz etc…) It’d be better to create a new Product Template? Or maybe a custom field in the form when adding products?

@rodrigo_leles You’re welcome, that’s what we’re here for :slight_smile: . I’d say use a text field for that in your collection.