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Unique Safari Issue - Navbar

Hi Webflow Community!

I’m experiencing an unusual issue with Safari. For some reason, this issue only appears to be happening in Safari on my client’s Macbook. I can’t replicate the issue anywhere else. It occurs in Safari browser on two Macbook laptops my client owns.

Attached screen grabs show the result on their laptops.

You can view webflow site here:

The navbar is being stretched. But in Chrome and Safari for me and on other laptops, it seems to be fine. I can’t seem to find code to fix this.

Does anyone have any advice or tips to stop this from happening?

Many thanks

Hi @brentonrjones thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Here is how the page looks to me on macbook with safari:

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Could you help to confirm the exact published page url and also what version Safari and mac os that they are using?

Thanks in advance

Thanks cyberdave.

Webflow staging site is:

Live site is:

Pretty sure the client is on MacOS Catalina and Safari version 15. Intel Macbook Pro.

I’m on MacOS Monterey and Safari 15.1 using a M1 Pro laptop. I see what you see too. My wife’s laptop is also on MacOS Catalina and Safari 15 and she see’s what we see in Safari and Chrome.


Quick update on this.

Appears I was wrong. Client was on an older version of Safari, version 14.03. When updating to version 15 she no longer had the issue (MacOS was Big Sur).

So, don’t know if you can offer any insight into custom CSS to handle older versions of Safari and if it’s worth considering or not?


Hi Brenton,

Thanks for the update. I checked on Big Sur with latest Safari 14 for Big Sur and on my test the site still looks ok:

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My guess is that there was just something stuck in cache or something, or something in the browser was affecting that was localized to that PC.

If you receive further reports on this, let me know, but probably it was just the clients computer that needed some update.