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Unique ID & HREF Problems


I have two problems that I am facing.

I need add a JQUERY player to my site, and for this to work, I need to add this “jplayer_1” as my ID, however, webflow automatically turns the underscore to a dash. I can’t seem to go around this, and this is forcing me to export my site and modify the code which is what I am trying to avoid.

I need to add “javascript:;” as the HREF, however flow is automatically putting “HTTP://” in front of the URL which sort of …well, doesn’t work with the player.


Hey @liberrtines sorry you’re running into these things. We will add some rules so that ID’s will accept underscores and hrefs will support that kind of code. Currently we only allow things starting with “http://” for links and “/” for pages. I’ll update you with any changes that we push.

Thanks for pointing these out!

No problem!

I’ll try to figure out a way around it


Just ran into the underscore limitation on IDs myself. Accomodating it elsewhere in the code didn’t disrupt my workflow like it did for @liberrtines, but I’m glad to hear a fix is on the way.

Hey @ramatsu and @liberrtines we just fixed the underscore limitation for IDs. Also, we won’t be allowing “javascript:” as an HREF because of security reasons. It’s better to have a script your custom code that targets specific classes vs this method (which can be abused by hackers).