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Unique design for articles

Hey guys!

I am working on my first project in Webflow - it’s an online magazine. Feel a bit lost…
I want to have unique designs for different articles: different text layouts, pictures aligned differently and so on. But can’t find a good advise how to do it.

Would really appreciate any help: experience/examples/tutorials - anything :slight_smile:

Hello @Vitaliia

Webflow CMS creates a template for every collection you create, the thing with that it’s precisely that, that it’s a template and every item will be presented in the same way. Now, that doesn’t mean everything is lost here because I see a couple of solutions for this:

  1. Create different two or three styles for the same element and switch those style using the element Switch on your project
  • Pros: You can get different designs populated in your templates and you can activate those styles whenever you want.
  • Cons: You’re stuck at the end to the number of designs you create and it’s not suitable if you want to have many different styles.
  1. Use static pages for your articles and design how they look individually
  • Pros: You have full control of the design of every article and you can create as many as you want
  • Cons: You wouldn’t be able to use the CMS for this and every article would take the a considerable amount of design time.
  1. Pre-design part of your articles and use it as images in your project.
  • Pros: You can design everything you want and however you like and you have full control of the presentation
  • Cons: It wouldn’t be the best for responsive design, you have to design everything outside Webflow and you wont be able to change information if you add important data to those images unless you modify the ‘external’ design.

I think that there are more options to consider but I think these 3 can give you an idea of what you can do.


Hey! Thanks a lot for your answer.

Are you talking about this switch?

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Exactly that and in combination with the other elements and condition visibility.

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Thanks a lot!

I have the last question - still thinking about work around :sweat_smile:

I was thinking, is that possible to create a few different collections with a few styles of articles, but link them to one grid on the main page and sort by the newest?

Or 2 collection can’t be connected to one grid?

And is it possible to mix in one grid static and dynamic elements? So some articles will be static and some from CMS?

Mmmm interesting… :thinking:

What about duplicating the grid and adding one collection per grid and having the grids together?

I’m trying to imagine what you’re envisioning :neutral_face:

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Yes, I think this might be something there - to connect different collections to different grids, but visually it will look like one.

But must say I feel a bit frustrated now, cause from the beginning I thought CMS would be much more flexible :no_mouth:

Maybe something like this? 2 types of grids and link 2 diferent collections

hi @Vitaliia

I was thinking about your situation and I think that maybe I can build a small demo about how to achieve what you want.

I’ll upload it in a couple of hours.