Unhosted account but no 'Code Export'?

Just curious, the Starter Account allows 2 ‘Unhosted’ sites, but does not allow for Code Export. How does that work? I’m probably missing the terminology here, but ‘Unhosted’ to me means that the site is hosted on another server, and not Webflow’s, so how do you get the site’s code or pages in order to do this?

Unhosted site implies the creation of 2 projects on free Webflows subdomain “.webflow.io” without the possibility of connect your custom domain name and without exporting code and with restrictions on the use of the Webflow CMS database.

More info about Starter Account here: https://webflow.com/pricing/designer-plans

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Hi @sebrame,

Just as an added note, to export your site’s code you’ll need a Lite Account Plan, since this feature is only available for paid accounts.

You can learn more about Account Plans and the available features here: https://webflow.com/pricing/designer-plans

Hope this helps :slight_smile: