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Unexpected page scroll/on load interaction behavior on mobile

On a mobile phone (does not happen in preview mode), there are two unexpected things happening. 1 - When reloading the page it scrolls off the hero page to the second section. 2 - the background image of the hero section scales up a small amount when scrolling.

Looks like an on load and scroll interaction are happening but I can not find these interactions in my project.

I am new to webflow and not a designer or coder. I am setting up a family business site. Any comments welcome.


Here is my public share link:

Hi @Mazz, thanks for the info, one more thing, can you please let me know what kind of mobile phone it is, i.e. is it running android or iOS and what version if you know it.

Also, a good way to find elements with interactions applied, is to publish the site, then inspect the page html and search the page using built in Find feature in the browser, to find “data-ix”. It will highlight the elements on the page where there is some interaction on the page. From there, note the class name and then then look in your design for same class and check the interactions panel.

Two interactions running at same time will usually cause things like this to happen, however I am checking on this and will provide an update as soon as I have more info.

Thanks in advance.

The phones I have seen this on are androids, will check an iphone today. One is an android version 6.0 phone with a software version of H34320e, kernel version 3.10.49.

Checked on iPhone. The phones model # is mkrr2ll/a version 9.3(13c75).
When I view the project in iPhone the scalping interaction is Not occuring
but the scroll off hero to second section does still happens

While inspecting the code of my project I noticed a <section> inside a
<div>. Is this ok?
At work.

Hi @Mazz, thanks for the additional info, I am continuing to check into this and will update you as soon as I have more info.

Thanks in advance.

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