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Unexpected overlay - Mobile Portrait

Hi Community,
I am getting an error with Mobile - Portrait View (only)

Please see upload. It views fine on all other responsive views (apart from Mobile Portrait)

Appreciate any help and guidance on resolve for this.

Step by step on how to fix the better.

Thanks a bunch!

Hello @digitalondon_1987

Can you share your read only link please?

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Please find here:

Is there anyone in the community who can recommend a resolve for this? Many hours of trying :confused:

I see a lot of padding and margin issues for mobile


Maybe there is an interaction which positions the div to the left, but I can’t find it.

Maybe you should use a vertical flex on your services section, instead of horizontal. Or just a display box and remove all the redundant spacing/margins.

Also your corporate label has a lot of padding and margin:

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Thank you. I shall work on your recommendations and see if it can be resolved.

Let me know if you’ve changed anything. :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at it again.

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No luck. I changed around some of the padding.
I looked into the animations for Corporate Click but again cannot see anything apparent.
Can you recommend any other resolve else i may need to ask a more experienced Web Flow dev to make some alterations.

Maybe support can help you?