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Undo button missing

And what about number inputs arrows? Could you please roll them back too?


I do miss the incremental up/down arrow on the inputs. The keyboard up/down is okay as a work around but requires me to click in the field then use the keyboard which is not as quick as just clicking directly on the arrows (I never, ever had problems with ‘accuracy’ as some have suggested!).

Incremental arrows are a very common feature for designers used to Adobe and other popular design tools – they’re a good option to use when trying out sizes by eye – and as webflow is visual design-orientated tool I think removing them is counter-productive.

If webflow’s goal is to tidy up the visual clutter of the UI, what about adopting what ‘Sketch’ does (a popular UI design tool for mac for those who don’t know):

Best of both worlds!


Funny thing about this one is I had no idea the keyboard arrows could be used for incremental adjustments until the removed the UI arrows. I prefer the keyboard now :slight_smile:

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