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Underwater Life - a Low-poly illustration Research

Hi Everyone,
3 months - 23 Illustrations - and hundreds (maybe thousands) of Polygons.
Finally, I’m excited to share with you my latest Low-poly illustration Project (and Webflow project)

“Underwater Life” - a Low-poly illustration Research.

Thanks to webflow this project is much more awesome!
Webflow is amazing and i’m waiting to see what time will do to it :smile:


Hi @Mordi_Levi ,

illustration work - This is sick, beautiful, i cannot imagine the hours you spend doing this, truly amazing.

Website - Love the simplicity and the colors but in my opinion you have 2 major things that are not working very well.

1º - The text font is to small or the color is not the best, it´s very difficult to read.

2º - The menu it´s almost invisible.

But like i said, the illustration work is amazing. Love it.

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Hi Rui Thanks for the comments!
About the font you’re right, it seems to render differently in some browsers and mobile.

About the menu I wanted it to be almost-hidden at the beginning and the dipper you go the better you see it. it’s more of a navigation guide for the titles and not really for people to navigate it, because it skips big parts of the website. you notice it only when you get to the half of the first part of “the beach” section.

Thanks again for the comments and compliments :smile: