Uncommon Theme H1 Heading Issue

Hey guys
I’m currently using the Uncommon theme for my design portfolio.
My problem is that the second H1 heading (‘Hello’ text) in the header has stopped ‘animating’ or dropping in.
I cant seem to find the controls or area where this would be fixed or assessed.

Any help would be amazing!

My current project URL…

Link to the original theme with working H1 headings…

On ‘Page Load’ in the interactions panel look for ‘loader’. This setting is broken.
Remove the two actions with the little yellow icon’s and replace them with two new ‘move’ actions.

H1 main-h1 move Y 110
H1 main-h1 move Y-200
home-subhead move Y 200

H1 main-h1 move Y 0 delay 0 - duration 1 - after prevoius action - In Out Expo
H1 main-h1 move Y 0 delay 0.6 - duration 1 - with previous action - In Out Expo
home-subhead move Y 0 delay 0.6 duration 1.8 - with prevoius action - In out Expo


Thank you for your help! I got it all sorted.

Thanks again