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Unclickable CMS Portfolio (Masonary Grid)

Hi Y’all,

My question is: When I go to preview my website, my CMS Portfolio is unclickable. It is in a masonry grid with cover/hover images. But when you hover over and click, nothing happens. Is there something else I’m suppose to do to get the CMS Collection to become clickable? Any ideas?

Website Preview HERE

This isn’t a link block so it won’t do anything when you click it. It looks like you added a lightbox element, but didn’t assign any media to display - and based on your Portfolio collection template you’re probably wanting to link to that instead.

Add a link block element with an image inside (instead of a lightbox) and connect it to the collection template page.

Yes! Thank you so much. It’s looking just how I envisioned!

Much appreciated! :grinning: