Unclear on why navbar looks different in one specific page

Webflow has worked great for our new site but I’m stuck on why our navbar looks different in one specific page.

If you look at this page: Create Your Ideal Future with Ruben Ugarte you will see that the navbar takes a background color of blue when scrolling.

If you look at the page with the issue Get Rapid Advice on Difficult Decisions the same behavior does not happen.

I duplicated the /strategy page to create the /thinking-session and then navbar is a component that gets reused on other pages fine.

Any clues to where I can look to find the issue?

Hi Ruben, it could be page-level interactions, or a custom CSS embed.
I’d check for those and see what is different between the two pages.

If you still can’t identify it, you’ll want to share your readonly designer link so the community can help.

@memetican it was a missing page-level interaction! I’m not sure why it wasn’t copied but I recreated it and it now works great.