Unable to use interactions for most elements, unselectable


Also, copying a section with interactions does not bring the interactions. Forced to recreate all interactions. Yes I have watched the videos about copy and paste.

[2]: https://university.webflow.com/article/sharing-your-sites-read-only-link

Your video shows that you select a title element to add an IX Action on it, then change the target to the same title element, which works. Then the mouse hovers over the Action in circle, but I don’t get what the issue is here… Everything you show in the video works as expected.

Unable to use interactions for most elements, unselectable

The video doesn’t show a miss in a selection of elements.

Either by cmd+c cmd+v or Duplicate, a section with IX is well duplicated with its IX:

Thanks for the assist.

I still cannot get what is happening with the interactions when I paste in the section. If they are in here I don’t know where.

Im looking for “loader” i think. There are so many entries in the initial list of animations. I selected on of them named loader but it is empty.


As for the problem selection. It seems like a ux problem. If you show someone an error message they stop and try to figure out what has gone wrong.

There isn’t something wrong. you just need to make some change to the element.

Stop showing the caution symbol before I take the next step and apply move of opacity or whatever.