Unable to upload font "Vollkorn" to my webflow. Even tried uploading it manually and didnt work

I am unable to use Vollkorn font family in my design. If someone can help me with it< I will appreciate it. I also tried to upload the font family manually by downloading it from google forms, but even that doesnt show up in my designer.


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Already font-family in webflow see in screenshot [Screenshot by Lightshot]

Thanks for getting back. That font family has been there but there are only 2 styles of those font Regular and bold and when I look for other styles in webflow, there is nothing. I uploaded the font manually and it should have shown up below but nothing

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I’m having this same issue. Not sure how else to get the rest of the weights as options. Are they being blocked intentionally, or something in my setup is preventing their use?

I’ve downloaded the ttf set from Google Fonts and uploaded to webflow, but no dice.

CleanShot 2023-09-28 at 13.49.53