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Unable to update image alt-tags through API

I’m trying to programmatically update the alt-tags of both the main image field and the more image fields of all SKUs in our e-commerce product collection.

To do so, I send the following request body as part of my patch request. For simplicity, I have only included the main image part of my request body:

{'fields': {'main-image': {'alt': 'Exemplary alt tag'}}}

As a response, I get a status 200 and the updated SKU indicating success. The problem is, the relevant part of my “updated” SKU is still unchanged as if nothing happened, like so:

'main-image': {'fileId': '601d77d732andsoon', 'url': '', 'alt': None}

What am I doing wrong? Or are alt-tags generally impossible to update using the API?

Thanks in advance!