Unable to Switch Plan from "Core" to "Freelancer" - Conflict Error

We are encountering an error when attempting to switch our plan from “Core” to “Freelancer.” This error is causing a “Conflict” message to appear, preventing us from making the necessary plan adjustment.

I’ve already contacted support regarding this matter yesterday but haven’t receive a response, intensifying our concerns.

Here are the details of the issue:

  • Current Plan: Core
  • Desired Plan: Freelancer
  • Error Message: “Conflict” preventing plan switch

We have already attempted the following steps in an effort to resolve the issue:

  • Cleared browser cache and cookies.
  • Tried switching plans from different browsers.
  • Verified payment details and account settings.

I am hoping someone from the community to have resolved this issue, please comment if you have and we would appreciate to help us out.