Unable to showcase a website on public profiles


I’m trying to showcase a website on my public marketplace profile, but it doesn’t appear in the site list dropdown.

When I try to set the website showcase settings toggle to on, it takes me to a blank page without the site available in the dropdown. I’m unable to activate it.

This is the case for both my profile and the Workspace.

It’s very confusing.

Any ideas?




Did you credit yourself in the site settings ?

Hi Léo,

I can’t seem to do that either. It’s odd. The credit dropdown is empty at first. When I type in my account @name, it will find it, but the site still doesn’t appear in the showcase dropdown list.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 08.41.01

I’ll try a logout, cache dump and report back.

I can get the site to appear in the Marketplace on my Workspace profile via the creator credits dropdown.

It still doesn’t appear under the ‘From Workspaces’ dropdown menu, yet all the other sites created on that account do. I don’t know why.

My profile only shows one site, despite being credited with two, and it shows duplicates of my studio site under the ‘Likes’ tab. I don’t know why.

My Workspace profile is perfect. It shows the sites I want it to.

I can no longer see the ‘+add a site’ button under my profile, but I can see it on my Workspace profile.

If you go to the Marketplace and filter by most recent, it shows both under my Workspace and personal profile. Not a good look.

The best option is to only credit sites under my Studio Workspace and hide my profile.

So, to sum up, the Showcase function is a confusing mess.

Except that you can’t do this if you have showcased sites on a freelance account:
Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 09.37.51

This system would only work logically if you were freelancing for other agencies producing Webflow sites.

If you’re a freelancer that wants to pass off work as a studio under the Workspace function, it becomes more difficult. You get duplicates, and it becomes messy.

I’m overthinking it, but I find it very confusing.