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Unable to set up CMS gallery with a modal slider

Hi, this is Marlene from mimikry!

I have been trying to set up a cms grid gallery, that opens up to a slider when clicking the individual images. I have tried several different tutorials but none of them have answered my questions. In the end I was able to create two versions. Both of them lack some of the functions I am looking for.

a) The section “nature_gallery” has the right gallery layout. However when clicking on one of the images it only ever opens up the first one no matter which image I click on. Also, after closing the pop up modul I cannot click on any image or link on the whole page again.

b) The section “dynamic_gallery_nature” isn’t yet layouted. I also don’t know how to integrate the slider function correctly. The way I have done it it always shows the same image instead of going through the whole gallery.

Is there maybe a solution to my problem for either of the two versions?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Natascha_Kuederli
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