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Unable to set "Don't Show Current Blog Post' in Dynamic List

Dear Webflow Team, please save the day once more :grimacing:

I am working on this site and can’t set a filter on the dynamic list ‘Current Blog Post is not Current Blog Post’

The drop down menu does not offer it as an option in the CMS filter settings regardless of which element I select or giving the list its own class. I’ve never struggled with this before but can’t figure out what is going on for the life of me.

Please view images showing the absence in the filter dropdown list.




Full link:

Please advise how to limit the collection list to not show the current blog post. :scream_cat:

Thank you! :hugs:

Hi Phi,

Looks like the Collection List you need to filter is inside a Symbol. Filtering with the ”Current Blog Post” option is not available inside Symbols – for allowing using the Symbol also outside the Collection Template page.

If you add your Collection List on a Collection Template page but outside a Symbol, the filtering option becomes available.

Thank you, that’s probably such a typical designer turn webdesigner question. Wish there were more of us in Cape Town :slight_smile: