Unable to Scroll within the Navigator window


I have a bug that is lately very common when I’m using the navigator to scroll to a section.

I can’t scroll through the items in the navigatorlist until I refresh or click the collapse (or other two buttons next to that button)…

It happens randomly, (but it does occur every day and in other projects as well). There are no errors in the console log… I don’t use any browser extentions.

Loom video
^I’m trying to scroll with the scroll wheel, the first 3 seconds of the video…

I use windows 10 Chrome 76.0.3809.100 64 bits.

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And again…


Hi I am watching your video and not really sure what you are trying to do?

Are you trying to scroll the page using the navigator elements? Or are you just trying to scrolling within the navigator itself?

Please advise?

I’m trying to scroll in the navigator itself to get to the item I want to adjust (to set it higher in hierarchy etcetra).


I get you and I have had that happen to me as well. It is a known bug.

I would recommend using the collapse all button anytime you see that happening. It is probably the easiest and most effective way to get the navigator to reset.

I would recommend using the support feature in the designer that is in the lower-left to send your bugs to.

But also, I will let the right parties know about this. @rileyrichter, @Brando, @johnramos, @rileyj_s, @cyberdave can you let the engineers know of this little issue?


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