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Unable to restrict Loading animation

I have a ‘loading animation’ on the homepage.

  1. Custom Interaction with Fixed Position Full Screen, play loop, then after page is loaded, fade after 500ms.
  2. I must get this animation to play only once per browser session.

Use case, homepage has a BG video. It takes approximately 1-2 seconds to load page and 3s to load BG video on most desktop test instances.

Can you share the code you’re using for this purpose please?

Sorry for confusion.

I do not have any code. To clarify, I am asking how do I configure to show Splash Div only 1 time per session instead of every page load.

Then you’ll need custom code and cookies, similar to

Cookie Consent - Modal wrapper but just on the first load possible?

How to display a load popup only once per user/session?

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