Unable to replace video on multiple grids

I’ve purchased the Bronn blog template. Please see it in the link below


I’m trying to adapt it for my client but I’m unable to replace the video playing on the home page. I want to replace the video with a picture of my own but I’m not getting an option to select the video. Also if I replace the video by dragging and dropping an image on it then all the grids get that image separately while I want one single image across all the grids of this section like the video that’s playing.

Also the grid content on the right is connected to CMS. When the mouse pointer hovers over each grid on the right, the video on the left gets replaced by the image of that blog article from CMS. I want this behaviour to retain when I replace the video with an image.

Can anyone please help?
I’ve just started using WebFlow Designer so the more details you can provide on the steps I have to follow, the better. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Wanderlust22 , i just recorded a small video for you and hope you understand how to solve it.


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Thank you so much! This was so helpful, you’re a life saver!