Unable to remove duplicate classes - even when all content is removed

I’m finding that duplicates of all of my tags are being created with no way of deleting them in the style manager. I believe this is from copying content between sites, as I’ve been experimenting in a duplicate project with then intention of overwriting my old portfolio with new design once I’m happy.

I’ve tried deleting everything from my pages to try and revert back to a clean slate, and even downloaded and then deleted all of my CMS content to try and fix it.

Here’s a screen shot to show what I’m dealing with:

Has anyone else encountered this? And will it cause issues with the code Webflow produces for this project?

Hi Gillian,

The pink ones are not Classes, but Tags or HTML elements, and they refer to the base form of each one (as they say on the webflow visual representation “All H1 Headings”.

If you’ve edited the tag, then they will probably stay there for good. But that is only because of the fact that they really are always there in the background, as part of the HTML language :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying so quickly!

I do see how tags differ from styles, just concerned that because I’ve been pasting between projects that the duplicate tags will become problematic.

For example, if the H1 from my original project was say, ‘Helvetica 1.2em…’ but the new one i’ve pasted in has it’s H1 set to 1.4em Roc Grotesque…’ will this add both styles to my code.

…Looking at the code export, it does seem that this will be the case :confused:

You can edit the tags in Webflow, no need to add custom code :smiley:

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