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Unable to remove a collection as it is used in bindings

Hi, I want to remove the CMS elements from my clients site so they can have basic hosting for now. I have managed to remove everything except the ‘News’ collection as it is used in bindings, but I cannot see where. I have expanded the Style Manager, done a clean up and cannot see any CMS styles? I think it is something to do with the background image but I can’t see a thing? I am sure this is going to be obvious - can anyone help?

Looks like you still have the Hero blog background still linked to the collection. Unlink or delete it and see if that resolves the issue.

Thanks Jason that looks simple enough - But although I can see Hero Blog in my styles I can’t identify where it is (dumb day obviously) Couuld you show me on the Navigator please? Apologies, one of those days…

On your pages list, Collection Page Templates the News Template.

Perfect - thank you.