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Unable to radial in IX2

Unable to IX2 radial degrees.

I have a div block that I wish to:
At Section 3 50% scroll in, initiate gradient radial degrees IX in DIV BLOCK A.


0.0s / Initial State = DIV BLOCK A 0 degrees
0.5s = DIV BLOCK-A 90 degrees
1.0s = DIV BLOCK-A 180 degrees
1.5s = DIV BLOCK-A 240 degrees
2.0s= DIV BLOCK-A 360/0 degrees

Screenshot illustrates intended result:

Radial is missing on BG IX2

Hey Miekwave,

Would you share a read-only link with us?


Preview link:

Project Sandbox

I don’t think you can do this with IX2. You will need some CSS or JS for that.

It is possible! I’ll be uploading a video so you can see it in action. The final result looked a bit odd because I typed 30 instead of 360, but now it’s working pretty well.

Check the final result here:

Here’s the link for the video:

I’m sorry for my rusty English. It has been quite a while since I moved back to Brazil.


I just realized that I accomplished something much more complex that what you needed haha. But hey, the path to achieving what you want is pretty much the same. Just use a separate div for the gradient, make its position absolute and voilá!

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