Unable to login to editor

Starting from today, my clients are unable to access to editor.
We alway get “INVALID REQUEST” error when we try to login (with every account), and same error if we try to request a password reset.

For now I found this issue to just one of my website, but I didin’t tests others.

Anybody elese is experiencing this issue?

After some investigations, I found out that the issue may be related to Weglot, that I use for multilanguage (since webflow lack on that feature).
When we try to access from a a different language subdomain, eg “it.mysite.com/?edit”, we got the error.

Now the problem is:

  1. Weglot has a useful feature to autoswitch language based on user browser. Now the problem is that the main languagge of my site is in english but me and my clients are in italy, so our language is italian and everytime we try to open the editor we fall in the “it.” subdomain, and we have the error.
    For now I had to deactivate this feature, but it was very useful.

  2. Weglot is supported by webflow, becouse they suggest to use this platform in some tutorials, so this bug should be resolved.

  3. The lack of a real multilanguage system in webflow is a real shame.

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