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Unable to link videos from CMS

I am trying to load videos dynamically with the help of CMS.
However, upon linking HTML video element to the “Video Link” element of CMS, its still showing that the video is empty.

Also, there is no video tutorial available from Webflow to refer to.

Any help to resolve this is much appreciated.

Best Regards,

You don’t need the iframe or embed code. Just the URL of the video. Webflow will work the rest out.

Here is a quick video example.

If you don’t want suggested videos to come up when you video ends add


to the end of your embed code. Also if you don’t want the title of the video to come up and only the play button add


to the end of the above code, so your link will look like

Hope it helps,

Old post but its relevant still today. thanks.

the parameters you quoted don’t work any more but the methodology was useful and there are valid parms you can still you