Unable to identify why my website scrolls horizontally on Mobile

Hi guys, I run into some unwanted horizontal scrolling on mobile and I can’t say which section is causing it. Would really appreciate your help!

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Hey, @daner your “Div Block 294” is causing it adding a container will solve the issue!

Your issue related to fixed-width of elements (You have made this mistake more than once).

Next (Not related to your issue) - avoid this idea (Do not set fixed height to elements with text ==> could cause a lot of overflow/overlap issues). If you want use min-height (Not height).

Best way to find horizontal scroll is to give your body a 2px, black or any non blending colour. The element causing scroll will instantly pop out.

Other things you could potentially do is to give “overflow hidden” to sections / containers, set max-width:100% for your sections / containers.

Thanks for your input! I removed the fix width of the div block that had 340px width, however, the problem still persists. Check https://resultdesigners.com/

Thanks for your input, Sachin!
However, even after I added the container, the problem still persists, check https://resultdesigners.com/

Again like I said you do this “mistake” more than one time (You should check all of your page elements).

change div-block-302 from width: 550px to auto and check again.

Not related - it is better to use more semantic class names (Not “div-block-77” and “152”).

What is your mobile phone model. Maybe it’s because of his model? :thinking:

Hey, thank you so much man, it worked now!

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