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Unable to horizontally center slide content

I can’t figure out why my homepage header slider content won’t center horizontally. The issue occurs on larger monitors like 1920. On a typical 1440 px wide screen it looks ok. Any help would be appreciated.

What page is your slider on? And what template is that out of curiosity?

The one on the homepage below the H1 text. No template, built from scratch.

Are these just images? if so, why not just apply a background image instead of inserting an inline image? Then you can set it to cover and center it.

Background image requires a set height I believe. Setting a height doesn’t work for responsive sizing. Might be 850px height one size desktop and need a larger size when its a larger desktop, etc… If I remember right that was the issue. I would like it to be fluid according to the image size not a set height

Not on the image itself but every section for a slider needs a height set anyway. Background images set to cover change based on however your viewport is. It will scale and you can set the height of your section accordingly if you want it to show more or less. You can also set the height of the section in %VH or %VW if you like.

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to look into this and try it again. I’m still curious why I can’t center the slider content. If you have any ideas.

But theres no content in the slider…