Unable to hide div block once shown

Hi there!

Thanks in advance for the help. I’m trying to create a div overlay that gets shown when people click on a certain div (in this case, the one that says Depression). Once the div appears on the first click animation, I cannot figure out how to close it. I have an animation trigger linked to a div that contains the “X” and is supposed to hide the div overlay and take the opacity to 0. But it doesn’t! Someone please help me understand what I’m missing here. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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It looks like your close interaction is currently set to respond to “only siblings with the class” explanatory-div, but the element your interacting with is a child of the element you want to affect:

Changing that to “only parents with this class” fixes the issue :+1:

@mikeyevin Thank you so much!! I knew it was going to be something small I was overlooking like that. You’re a lifesaver!

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