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Unable to get 404 page

The 404 page on my website is not working for some reaso. The page somehow went inside a folder called Elements and now I am not able to take it out of that folder.

I have a feeling that 404 is not working because the page is inside the “Elements” folder. Any idea how I can fix this.

Hi @zain

Your 404 page is listed on your designer under Utility Pages


You shouldn’t be able to move this page as it is defaulted here.

We cannot see Utility pages on read-only links in the forum.

If you cannot see this in your own designer to edit, then you may need to contact customer support so they can take a look behind the scenes for you. and send screenshots to help show them what you’re missing or what you’re having trouble with.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks @magicmark. I can see this in my designer and was able to edit it.

I just cant get it to work on the live website. I will try to contact support and ask them as well.


I was able to fix this error, thanks for the help.