Unable to flag "Something Else" for topics or posts

Some of the times, I’m unable to flag a topic with “Something Else” when trying to notify the forum management of wrongly categorized topics.

After submitting, I get the following alerts:


I did not try to send a personal message, Is this a bug or something intentional? Other times this works like a charm. If I’m not permitted to flag topics, should I see the flag button then?
Thank’s a lot!


Personal opinion and questions

What I do find a little bit confusing is, that not all major categories have a guide on what should/shouldn’t be posted. Some categories prompt:

“Please read the following before posting to the Tips & Tricks category”

But if you click on it, it just opens the default view for that category.
Lots of topics are created (in my understanding) in the wrong category, especially in “Feedback” & “Bugs”, probably due to being a little ambiguous in its range of interpretation. I’ve been told that it’s welcomed to flag topics for suspecting wrong categorization, the very last thing I want, is to annoy anyone! I’m kind of unconsciously checking if the category fits while reading posts. Feel free to give me some more input here :webflow_heart:

Thank’s for reading!

Hi there, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Will take a look into this.

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Thank you very much!

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