Unable to find and replace content across whole project

I must find the ‘Find and Replace’ function and apply it to all pages, including CMS items.

I have Phone Number 888-555-1234 in the following locations

  1. Header Symbol
  2. Footer Symbol
  3. In non symbol on most pages.

The phone number needs to be updated to 888-555-1235

I have header and footer updated to 888-555-1235

I have updated the most popular pages, but there are dozens of other pages.

I must find the “Find and Replace” function in webflow to replace all instances of ‘888-555-1234’ with ‘888-555-1235’.

Bonus question.

How do I create simply {000-000-0000} in webflow text area and automatically replace all instances of {000-000-0000} to serve 888-555-1235 on published version?

Hi @miekwave,

Great question! Currently, Webflow does not have a ‘Find and Replace’ function.

It may be faster to perform a CMD + F search on the published page, then make the change within the Designer at the same location.

Also, I would suggest creating a Symbol for that exact content. Create a phone number Symbol so that you would only need to change it once.

Hopefully this was helpful.

Thank you for reply. I am currently manually applying it to makes, but it takes long time as there are dozens of pages. I hope webflow introduces a content finder with a Find and Replace feature in the near future. Clients can change phone number, address, email, remove an employee or author, get a cease and disist to remove certain types of content, remove affilliate mentions from whole site etc… numerous needs for a bulk find replace


Oh, I completely agree. That would be beyond awesome! :webflow_heart:

You are not alone in thinking this would be an awesome feature to have in Webflow. It is definitely something you can vote for on our Webflow Wishlist: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-590

“Create a phone number Symbol so that you would only need to change it once.”

I tried this unfortunately, it only works for certain placements of phone number. For Paragraph and most text elements where its located, a symbol wont work, but its nice to knowyou can symbol a single element or div block. :slight_smile:

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