Unable to filter collection items by data

@waldo would this be under enhancements or feature request?

Yeah I’m not sure this is actually a bug, but it would be nice to see strings parsed so you can search for text within a string. It’s annoying that you would have to type “2017 Lamborghini”. And you wouldn’t be able to see all 2018 Lambos in the future.

I didn’t know there was an enhancements category, but it would definitely be a feature request. You could put it on the Wishlist, but it’s not likely to get voted much since there are more important features to implement right now. Kind of annoying because it’s such a small thing.

Hi @thewonglv

Thanks for posting!

I have confirmed this is expected behavior–the search only searches for names of collection items

This would be a feature/enhancement request that you can post about on the Wishlist

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Brando nice to meet you!

the search field currently only filters the names of items but how do you think it should function?

as the eyes and ears of webflow, you should ask how things SHOULD be and then communicate how you feel to the product team.

i could technically post this to the wishlist, but as others mentioned it wouldn’t get any attention due to the purpose of the wishlist (to identify feature requests that would impact the largest amount of webflow users)

but in my opinion, this is not the expected behavior. this limitation is, to me, a UX flaw.

what do you think?

Not necessarily a flaw, it seems more appropriate to me just limiting the search box to the collection name itself.

You can already sort by category using the column header.

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