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Unable to embed CMS Reference Value to the Element

I am Unable to Embed the Reference value of CMS to the Element.Please Help me.


Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/task-1-cd2589?utm_source=task-1-cd2589&preview=b33dfed93e61f5b045289db64ead6de9

Empty feild (Under “CMS -> listing collection --> some-item” you dont set the reference value)

I guess first you create cms items than add this feild.

Thanks! But i can’t understand it clearly what you suggested .Hence some what i tried to solve with your content but the problem was not resolved .Can you explain me it in some more detail.

Set the field value for all items. Under the drop-down (screenshot above) select the value

Thank you Siton very much ! for helping me out.

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