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Unable to Edit Images - Webflow Editor

Hey all, lately I’ve been noticing that it is very difficult to edit images with the Webflow Editor in certain situations. For example with light boxes or generally anything that just isn’t one static image. Any advice would be welcome.

Please see video:

Video of Issue

Read Only LInk

Hi @161creativedesign This might be an issue with the Mask element. What if you tried and added some padding to it so you can access that corner:


hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for looking into this, unfortunately, I’m experiencing some heavy lag/bug that only sometimes lets me select the element that I click. I’ll check this when possible. Do you recommend me reporting this issue?

I’ve already replied back to your ticket. But lets talk here :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, sounds great, sorry for the extra messages. I’ll be awaiting your replies here.

Quick update, I have tried what you have suggested above to no avail.

Hey @PixelGeek,

Thank you for looking into this. Has anything new come to light?

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