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Unable to dynamically style a Collection List's Pagination elements

Hi Webflow Community,

Is there a way to dynamically style a Collection List’s native pagination elements (i.e. the Previous and Next element)?

I am trying to have the color of the Text Block and color of the Icon change dynamically using a Collection’s Color Field. Each time I click on ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’, the Text Color and the Icon Color should change based on the Collection item’s ‘Secondary Color’ field (see read-only link). Since the Pagination elements do not live underneath a Collection List or a Template page, I am unable to bind the Text Block’s and Icon’s color to the Collection’s color field. Is there a native solution to this problem? If not, what are some possible workarounds?

Thanks in advance!

Some images for clarification:

Here is the read-only link to the project

Here is the published link to the project