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Unable to define html font-size:

I must define html {font-size:xx}
per desktop/tablet/mobile viewport

It doesn’t work, it only goes to body.
I need to to make rem values work

@miekwave where are you trying to define font values?

Please share your project here.

Can you be a bit more specific? Is this for a Rich Text box?


I must define
<basefont size=“1.26em”>

within the head

but for each viewport.

On whole site so REM values are properly calibrated.
Webflow designer only affects “<“body”>” font values.

EM and PX size values work fine, but need REM to be defined

Desktop Device
1.26vw = 1REM
Tablet Device
1.56vw = 1REM
Mobile Portrait Device
2.50vw = 1REM
Mobile Landscape Device
4.00vw = 1REM
Under 299px vieport
8.00vw = 1REM

Designer is limited to BODY tag, I need these values defined at the head

EM is working as intended for Sections, and Div Blocks. I must get REM to work for specific blocks.

Hi @WebDev_Brandon @miekwave

Thanks for sharing your feedback. This is on our future roadmap for sure, but I can’t say when we’ll have it built out. Thanks for your patience on this,

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