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Unable to create a static folder that uses same slug as collection

I had created a page (slug: vat-guides) and decided it needed children. So I deleted that page and attempted to create a folder called VAT Guides, with the slug vat-guides. It keeps telling me the URL already exists even though it blatantly doesn’t. If I try to create a new page using that slug (vat-guides) it creates the page without problems, it’s only if I try to create a folder with that slug. I’ve now deleted more than I’m happy to have. I’ve unpublished and republished numerous times and it hasn’t helped.

Hopefully you can.

I should add that I’ve just realised that I have a collection that uses that slug, which is probably what’s causing the error. But I still don’t understand why I can create a page using that slug but not a folder. I can’t delete the collection and start again…

Hi @Sandtonian - you make a good point here. The Collection is a “folder” already - which is why it’s not possible to create another one. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’ll need to adjust your content structure a bit in order to get the result you want.

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