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Unable to Click Add Element to CMS Collection Item

I must find a way to easily click to add block without navigator or drag n drop into Collection Item.

Clicking on ‘Element’ block with the Collection Item selected gives following error:

Ø Drop this element inside the Collection Item element to add it to each Collection item.


How to reproduce,

  1. Add ‘Collection List’ to a Div Container
  2. Bind CMS object to an object (for example music, blogs, or author)
  3. Select 'Collection Item
  4. Add element

Why is this considered a bug?

  1. Can 1 click add elements to Sections, Container, columnes, div blocks, etc. - This is good experience
  2. Can not 1 click add elements to Collection Item - This is bad experience

Error use-case: Special zpane or display rules makes adding elements profoundly difficult to drag and drop on designer canvas. Making one click add will make life a lot easier.

Current work arounds:

  1. ALT + Drag navigator elements into Collection Item
  2. Manually drag element into Collection Item on front pane, then move it beck on mask or display rule.

Hey @miekwave

Thanks for reporting this issue! Definitely an odd one considering some elements like a button can be added to a collection list with these steps.

I’ve reported this to the team and we’ll be sure to get this resolved.

Thanks for your help!

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