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Unable to change text for headings + navlinks

Hi y’all!

I can add and choose headings, navlinks etc. but when I (double/triple) click to change the text nothing happens. They all have the generic words: Heading, home, about, contact etc. because I can’t write anything else on them. :joy:

Only the MUSIC and SOUND DESIGN headings work and have my text one them.
This problem is only on the HOME page.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong this time?



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Hi, you have to do it in a Designer - you can’t edit in a Preview mode. In order to make menu visible in a Designer, choose desired menu in a Navigator, press “D” (this will open Settings at right hand side), and choose “Show” under Navbar settings. Now you can edit navigation links.

Thank you, but that is exactly what is not working right now.
Or just changing the text of a normal heading.

Sorry, I’m not sure what might be your problem, since it steps I described work for me. Maybe somebody else has an idea…