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Unable to change first slide in slider

Hi, I’m trying to edit a template and I can’t change the image of the first slide. I can change the image in the style editor but it doesn’t show on the site. Image and Gradient is crossed out in red and when you click on it it says “This value is being overwritten by a more specific selector for this element: Top slide”.
Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
ps the template is ‘Dotted’ by Rowan Hartsuiker

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Hi. You create three diff slides - and than try to set diff bg image (paris / london / ny for example) - with same style.

One way is to add [slides] & [slide1] (for image 1) and so on. Thats it (you do this for slide 2 and 3).

Yes… it’s because it has a native class… click on only the “Top Slide” layer… Remember you only have to click on the layer… no need to open that up.

Then give it either: Another class by renaming or Give a combo class

top slide 2

Then click on that background image in Styles and add

top slide 3

Then you’re done:

top slide 4

It’s just because of the class names.


Thanks very much. I understand. Much appreciated

I see, thank you. I appreciate your help

No problem… have a great week.


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